Mary Henry Brady, Bridie Henry Cawley

 President's Award

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  This award is in memory of Mary Henry Brady, and Bridie Henry Cawley and is presented by our President each year to a member or non member who has given outstanding service to the Mayo Association of Philadelphia


 Susan Conboy, Karen Conboy Carroll, Holly Conboy

  The three Conboy sisters joined our Mayo Association in 2010 and have generously contributed their hard work and time over the years to help make this Association to what we are all proud of today. A well deserved award to the Conboy sisters. Thank you for all you do.
                                     The Mayo Association.

Previous  Recipients of the President's Award

1998  Helen Degrand
1999  Andrew Browne
2000  Joe & Kathleen Boyle
          Pat & Ann Hynes
2001  Eileen D'Angelo
2002  Tom & Attracta            O'Malley
2003  Sean McMenamin
2004  Bob Hurst
2005  Patricia Sweeney
2006  Mike Gallagher

2007  John & Eileen Durkan
2008  Tom Staunton
2009  Kathleen Murtaugh
2010  Sr. James Anne Feerick
2011  Maureen Brett Saxon
2012  Andrew (Butch) & Pat Harley
2013  Rosaleen & Bill Megonegal
2014  Marianne MacDonald
2015  John & Eileen Tuffy
2016  Mark & Olivia Hilpl